REKO PRAHA, a.s. is a construction and design company operating in the Czech market since 1994. The company’s main specialization is the construction, repairs and service of cooling towers of all types. In the domestic market, REKO PRAHA, a.s. ranks among the leading companies in the field of building monolithic reinforced concrete structures and restoring concrete structures. In the position of a general contractor and general designer, it implements industrial and civil constructions.

About our company

Our vision is to build a company representing one of the key subjects in the Czech, Slovak and Polish cooling tower market and we also seek to gradually break through in the European market. We create the image of a modern, flexible and helpful company, where customers can rely on high-quality work, state-of-the-art project solutions and above-standard approach to problem solving.

As regards the company’s management, we prefer a conceptual and system-based approach creating space for the participation of all employees and external contractors in designing and implementing measures to continually improve the efficiency of the quality management system introduced.