Environmental policy and OHS policy

Our company expresses its commitment to the environment and occupational health and safety by undertaking to:

  • create a space through a conceptual and system-based approach for the participation of all employees and external contractors in designing and implementing measures for the continuous improvement of its integrated environmental and OHS management system as well as all its processes and activities.
  • consistently comply with the requirements of legislation and other requirements in the area of the environment and occupational health and safety related to our work and continuously monitor these requirements.
  • monitor and evaluate the environmental impact of all its processes and activities with the commitment to prevent and minimize pollution and other negative influences while maintaining a high level of reliability and quality as well as acceptable product costs
  • aim the performance of all of the company’s activities at preventing injury and health damage
  • periodically set environmental goals and target values as well as OHS goals and evaluate their performance
  • by implementing this policy, strengthen the association of the name “REKO PRAHA, a.s.” in the minds of our customers, control bodies and the general public with the concepts of soundness, reliability and legal security in the area of the environment and OHS.

REKO PRAHA, a.s. holds a certificate for the construction and repairs of cooling towers, restoration of concrete structures, building monolithic structures, performing industrial and civil constructions and designing cooling towers and industrial constructions pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and ČSN OHSAS 45001:2018.