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Cooling technologies

REKO Praha, a.s. manufactures, supplies and assembles a wide range of cooling technology for cooling towers of all types. Our team of trained workers is able to solve even atypical requirements of customers. The company possesses IT software and experience for the calculation of heat technical parameters of cooling and can thus perform the design exactly according to the customer’s needs. In the manufacturing of all components, maximum emphasis is placed on high-quality processing.

We offer:

  • Cooling fill
  • Spray nozzles
  • Demisters
  • Water supply piping
  • Winter squirt piping
  • Diffusers of forced draft cooling towers
  • Fan propulsion engines
  • Axial fans


REKO PRAHA supplies small atmospheric coolers intended for cooling the water in smaller cooling circuits. Their construction consists of a fiberglass box made up of three parts. The bottom part comprises a tank of cooled water. The tank walls contain air intake holes, protected by stainless steel shutters preventing water from being sprayed outside the cooler. The middle part of the microcooler contains cooling technology. The upper part contains an axial suction fan ensuring air flow against the direction of the water flowing through the cooling fill. The fan is powered by an electric motor attached to the supporting frame in the diffuser, which closes the body of the cooler in the upper part.

The microcooler is equipped with an electric switchboard in which a regulation and measurement unit is also mounted.

These microcoolers are a type product; we make two basic types:

MACH – R 20 for max. flow of 20 m3/hr and MACH – R 60 for max. flow of 60 m3/hr.
Tables with performance parameters


Production of concrete reinforcement

REKO Praha, a.s. has its own concrete reinforcement manufacturing plant in Benátky nad Jizerou, a modern manufacturing facility capable of producing reinforcement for external customers. Concrete reinforcement of 8-25mm profiles is normally kept on stock.

Ing. Tomato Kolařík, Production Manager

Address: premises of the Tyrolit company
Tovární Street
Benátky nad Jizerou
Map: You can find us here
GPS coordinates : Loc: 50°17’33.186″N, 14°50’0.701″E

Service of cooling towers

The operation of cooling towers requires maintenance and service of these facilities to ensure their problem-free work. REKO PRAHA can make the maintenance of the cooling towers substantially more cost-effective for their operators by concluding service contracts. These contracts contain a facility maintenance plan and trained workers can perform all the repairs, revision and maintenance within agreed deadlines, including the supply of any spare parts required.

Accommodation services

Our company also runs an accommodation facility in Kadaň. More information about accommodation can be found on the separate website