A word from the Managing Director

Dear business friends,

Let me welcome you on the website of REKO PRAHA a.s., which you have just opened. I will give you a brief outline of our 20+ year history, our current situation as well as our future visions.

The company REKO PRAHA, a.s. was established over twenty years ago with the aim of becoming a high-quality and reliable contractor in the field of cooling towers. Over the period of our operation in both Czech and foreign markets, we have been involved in a number of large projects. The most significant ones include the comprehensive renewal of the Tušimice and Prunéřov power plants and the construction of new blocks at the Ledvice and Počerady power plants in the Czech Republic, or the increase in the output of the blocks of the Jaslovské Bohunice power plant. Another project worth mentioning involves the construction of two forced draft cooling towers at the Dukovany power plant, where exceptional demands were placed on the equipment’s resilience, quality and reliability. Over time, the scope of our activity has been extended to include reinforced monolithic structures of all types. The most important projects in this field certainly include large foundation structures in automotive industry for the design and construction company Takenaka Europe. The last sphere of our activity I want to mention involves the so-called “turnkey” construction of industrial objects. For the Sladovny Soufflet company, we have built three kilns for drying sprouted barley in the Nymburk, Hodonice and Kroměříž malthouses, as well as a gas boiler room in the Ledvice power plant. At the very same power plant, we are currently building a clarifying station for the intensification of the present chemical water treatment plant as the general contractor.

Our company has recently expanded its scope of activity into the neighboring Poland, where we are successfully obtaining interesting contracts in the field of both cooling towers and monolithic reinforced concrete structures. Our vision is to keep building a strong and stable company providing customers with high-quality and problem-free service at reasonable prices.

If you don’t belong among our customers yet, we hope that you will be able to see the truth of these words soon.

Ing. Vladimír Kolařík

Managing Director