Comprehensive renewal of Tušimice II power plant

Datum: 19.7.2017

Comprehensive renewal of Tušimice II power plant – OB 12 cooling towers

The work involved general repair of four Iterson-type cooling towers with a height of 100m. The cooling tower shell was restored from work platforms. Holes for smokestack admissions were made into two shells, reinforced by pre-stressed rings. New ascension channels and prefabricated reinforced concrete internal were performed. At the end of the general repair, stainless steel grids were mounted on the new internal to carry the new cooling fills and water supply, as were walkthrough structures also from stainless steel profiles for carrying eliminators. New winter tower protection was mounted on the upper level of the air inlet, made up of perforated FRP pipeline supplied from delivery channels. The works culminated in electro and M&R installation.
Customer Škoda Praha Invest, s.r.o.
Place of realization Tušimice II power plant
Start date 2007
Completion date 2011